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Incident Information -- Northwest Large Fire Information Summary

A Large Fire as defined by the National Wildland Coordinating Group, is any wildland fire in timber 100 acres or greater, and 300 acres or greater in grasslands/rangelands, or has an Incident Management Team assigned to it.

Information received from the National ICS-209 incident reporting database for large fires is updated each morning, and shows what has been reported by the Incident Commander the previous day at 7:00 PM. Information shown for each fire incident on the current day may not reflect changes made since the previous days ICS-209 input.

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Updated:    Friday, 19th September 2014 at 01:22:40 PM

36 Pit

General Info
36 Pit OR-MHF-000728
10 miles east of Estacada, OR 4104
2014-09-13 Human Caused
35 0000-00-00
168 Mixed Commercial/Residential
USDA Forest Service
791 23 4 34
Incident Contacts

360-280-4352 or 503-630-1711


Yesterday, fire suppression efforts progressed to such an extent that the Clackamas County Sheriff reduced the evacuation level for the Silver Fox RV Park from Level 3 (immediate evacuation) to Level 2 (prepare for possible evacuation). The residents of Silver Fox RV Park have been allowed to return to their homes. The fire is estimated to be 4104 acres in size and is now 35% contained. The fire has not moved appreciably in any direction since its initial spread last Sunday and Monday. The 55 acre spot fire located to the northwest of the main fire will be completely mopped up by the end of today’s day shift. Oregon Department of Forestry Incident Commander Russ Lane transferred command to Ross Holloway of the Oregon Department of Forestry due to a personal commitment. The fire is burning in extremely steep terrain on slopes in excess of 60 degrees presenting crews with footing hazards, rolling debris, and fire weakened trees. Heavy deep fuels also present challenges to contain the fire. Crews are working aggressively to complete fire line along the northwestern and northern flanks of the fire closest to any homes or structures Mop up of hot spots near the fire line is also progressing well and will continue today. A small burn out operation of approximately ten acres in the area of Carter Bridge was conducted yesterday afternoon to reinforce the southeast flank of the fire adjacent to Highway 224. Today, elite hot shot crews are building fire line up a steep slope directly adjacent to the fire at its southern perimeter south of Highway 224. At the southern perimeter of the fire, crews continue to build line to contain the ground fire. South of Highway 224 and at the northwest portion of the fire, good ground locations have been identified where crews can safely build fire line and use natural features to the South Fork of the Clackamas River to corral the fire. Today, weather is still expected to remain favorable for firefighters as they attack the fire. However, tomorrow and Sunday, weather conditions are expected to change to dryer and warmer conditions with east winds. A Haines Index 5 is also predicted for tomorrow and indicates a drier and more unstable atmosphere. These predicted weather conditions are expected to create more active fire behavior. Fire managers have implemented fire suppression tactics the last few days in anticipation of this weather change. The weekend weather may be the first test of firefighters’ containment lines. Local resource advisors have also been an integral component of the fire suppression team. Resource Advisors collaborate with fire managers to fight fire aggressively while protecting resources such as fisheries, cultural resources and wilderness values. A portion of the fire is located in congressionally designated wilderness where minimum impact suppression tactics (MIST) are being implemented. The public is urged to be aware of increased fire related traffic on local roads and to drive defensively. For information related to evacuations, please go to: or call 503-655-8224. Information related to smoke can be found at: For more information, please use the contact information listed above.

2014-09-19 13:21:48

790 Fire

General Info
790 Fire OR-RSF-140790
30 miles NE of Medford 3023
2014-07-31 Lightning
90 2014-09-30
Timber (Litter and Understory)
USDA Forest Service
106 3 3 0
Incident Contacts



A transfer of command from the Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3 (OR-IIMT-3) back to the local unit will occur Wednesday morning, and the fire will be managed by a Type 3 organization with Larry Pingle as Incident Commander. The organization will operate from the High Cascades Ranger District office. OR-IIMT-3 wishes to thank the local community, cooperators and private landowners for their cooperation in assisting the team in the suppression efforts. Information regarding the 790 Fire will be available at Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest Supervisor’s Office at 541-618-2200. This will be the last update from OR-IIMT-3. Location: 10 miles southeast of Prospect, Oregon and 10 miles northwest of Rocky Point, Oregon burning primarily in the Sky Lakes Wilderness. Current situation: 3,023 acres, 85% contained, 352 firefighters assigned. Yesterday’s Operations– Firefighters continued mop up on the western portion of the fire by extinguishing hotspots along the fires edge. The sprinkler systems established on the northwest flank in Big Bend Creek will remain in place wetting the line there. Excess supplies and equipment were removed from the fire by helicopters. Camp crews were busy rolling hoses and packing supplies for return to the fire cache in Redmond, OR. The north, south and east flanks of the fire were patrolled by aircraft and field personnel. Today’s Operations –Helicopters will continue to support firefighters to backhaul the remaining spike camp supplies, excess equipment, and shuttle crews from the fire. Crews will continue to repair suppression impact within secured areas of the fire to minimize erosion. These repair measures include; masking chain saw cuts, covering exposed soil and constructing water bars. Weather and Fire Behavior – Daytime temperatures are expected to reach 65-74 degrees, and minimum relative humidity is forecasted to be in the mid-teens to the mid-twenties. Gusty winds coupled with dry fuels could potentially increase fire activity. Closures: The closure area has been redefined and is now entirely within the Sky Lakes Wilderness. All trails within the wilderness, including the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), on both the Rogue River-Siskiyou and Fremont-Winema National Forests are now open. The fire area west of the PCT remains closed due to public safety concerns, which include fire-weakened trees, helicopter operations, and burning debris within the fire perimeter. Roads immediately west of the fire outside of the wilderness also remain closed to reduce conflicts between fire operations and the public. The revised area closure and details can be found at or Pacific Crest Trail information is available at Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR): A TFR is in place over the fire. Please check the NOTAM for current information.

2014-09-19 08:34:27

Deception Complex

General Info
Deception Complex OR-WIF-140274
28 miles south of Oakridge, OR 5960
2014-07-30 Lightning
75 2014-09-25
Timber, Understory
USDA Forest Service
671 12 4 37
Incident Contacts



The Deception Creek Fire remained within control lines yesterday and continued to burn islands of unburned vegetation. The estimate of acres burned within containment lines has not increased from yesterday because an infrared flight was not flown due to a heavy cloud cover. The infrared images identity hot areas and are used to determine the burned acres. Yesterday, isolated pockets and various amounts of rain fell over the fire area. Weather stations near the fire recorded rain amounts up to 0.2 inches. The Deception Creek Fire continues to be managed under a full suppression strategy which is designed to keep the fire size as small as possible while maintaining public and firefighter safety, and protecting natural resources. Helicopters were not utilized yesterday to drop water on the fire, due to minimal fire activity. Large wood chippers will be used again today along the eastern perimeter of the fire to remove excess vegetation. A wood grinder, capable of shredding large diameter material will also be used. Repair of fire suppression activities will continue in all parts of the fire. The 442 firefighters, 4 helicopters, 13 engines, 1 dozer, and 13 water tenders assigned to the Deception Complex are poised to respond if the fire escapes any containment line. Air quality over the communities of Westfir and Oakridge is expected to be in the moderate range today. For additional air quality information see the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency website at or The closure order placed over the Staley Fire has been terminated by the Willamette National Forest and all roads, trails and area previously closed are now open for public use. Other public use restrictions, area, road and trial closures can be viewed at: Willamette National Forest - Umpqua National Forest -

2014-09-19 13:20:58

Fork Peak Fire

General Info
Fork Peak Fire WA-PCS-000105
26 miles SW of Centralia, WA 126
85 2014-09-18
Felled and bucked timber, logging slash, log decks and standing timber
WA Dept. of Natural Resources
227 13 0 11
Incident Contacts


2014-09-19 08:38:22

Onion Mountain

General Info
Onion Mountain OR-RSF-001146
15 miles West of Grants Pass, OR 4077
2014-09-12 Under Investigation
20 0000-00-00
300 single residences; 50 miscellaneous structures
Onion Mountain Repeater
USDA Forest Service
962 33 12 27
Incident Contacts



Rain occurred over much of the fire area yesterday afternoon and throughout the night, giving fire personnel an opportunity to make good headway building containment lines. Firefighters held and improved existing lines, while continuing fireline construction along the south and east flanks of the fire. Crews and heavy equipment also made progress preparing indirect lines on the western portion of the fire utilizing existing roads and ridgetops. Showers and cooler temperatures forecasted for today will drastically decrease fire activity and allow firefighters to continue direct handline and dozer line construction where safely possible. High temperatures are expected to range from 60 to 70 degrees, while minimum humidity will be around 50 to 55 percent, as the low pressure system remains in the area. Hot and dry weather is predicted to return to the area this weekend. Air operations were limited for most of the day due to cloud cover and smoky conditions, and a low cloud base could keep much of the available aircraft grounded today. A structure protection group has completed their assessment of the nearby residences and will remain in place to implement a defensive strategy in the event the fire grows north and eastward and threatens residences.

2014-09-19 08:56:29

South Steens Complex

General Info
South Steens Complex OR-BUD-004276
45 miles W/SW of Burns Junction 20703
2014-09-16 Lightning
0 0000-00-00
Grass and Sage
USDI Bureau of Land Management
0 0 0 0
Incident Contacts



The South Steens Complex is made up of the Bone Creek Basin Fire and the Blitzen Crossing Fire. Firefighters continue working toward full-suppression on the Bone Creek Basin and Blitzen wildfires on Steens Mountain - together known as the "South Steens Complex." Thursday was a less-active burning day, with no major weather or 'outside the norm' fire events. The Bone Creek Basin fire grew to approximately 14,800 acres and is 50 percent contained. Aggressive use of air and ground resources helped secure extensive fire line along the north and west perimeters, while the east and south sides remained in check from progress made on Wednesday. The Blizten fire also showed slower fire spread throughout the day and was heavily supported by air resources in hard-to-reach drainages. A successful burnout secured part of the northwest perimeter, and to the north and east, the fire did not gain any ground toward Riddle Brothers Ranch or South Steens Campground. The Blitzen fire is approximately 4,000 acres and 10 percent contained. Closures remain in place for the: - southern portion of the Steens Mountain Loop Road from its intersection at Hwy 205 to the "turkey foot" junction near the East Rim Overlook - Riddle Brothers Ranch, and- South Steens Campground. Oregon Interagency Incident Management Team 3, Incident Commander Tim Keith, assumed management of the South Steens Complex Wednesday evening and will post a mid-morning fire update each day, beginning Saturday, at these online locations: Inciweb: Email updates will also continue. Fire danger is VERY HIGH and public use restrictions are in effect across Harney County. The Industrial Fire Precaution Level is a level three, which prohibits all personal woodcutting on public land. Use extreme caution when traveling through and recreating in the outdoors this time of year. To report a wildfire, call 541-573-1000. For fire information, call 541-573-4519.

2014-09-19 13:22:36